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Growing Trend in Food Forests

Teacher Dustin G. Bajer photographed the Jasper Place High School food forest in Edmonton, Alberta, featured above. It has been operational since 2010. Containing more than 70 perennial herbs and berries, the food forest is located in the school’s central courtyard. The project was completed by student volunteers from the Jasper Place Permaculture Club. Culinary Arts students enjoy growing food in their aquaponics system. The permaculture systems at Jasper Place High School are also shared by students in Science, Construction, Art, and Aboriginal Studies classes. Sadly, Hamilton’s students have nowhere similar to learn.

Watch Dustin Bajer’s interview with Warren Macdonald on Solution Revolution:

▶ Dustin Bajer on Warren Macdonald's Solution Revolution – YouTube.

Food forests are mainstream in Australia, Africa, Arabia, and Asia. Evelyn Hadden of Garden Rant surveyed 15 (fifteen) American cities growing food forests for the greater good. Click the link, below, to read the details:

The Growing Trend in U.S. Food Forests | Garden Rant.

We have fallen behind our competition. Young people will flee Hamilton for greener cities as soon as they are able, if Hamilton remains in its depression as The Buckle of the Rust Belt. Time for Hamilton to ensure food security for its inhabitants. Our children also need a multidisciplinary food forest in which to learn.

Is there an area in your neighbourhood that would make a good food forest? Could you seedbomb it this autumn? Would your present City Councillor support a food forest in your ward? If the incumbent will not support a food forest, find out which candidates will at The People’s Platform.

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