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Free Homeschool Resources

We’ve heard from permies who like the idea of homeschooling, but think it may be too expensive to pay both private tuition and mandatory property taxes for a public school … Continue reading

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Free/Cheap Permie Resources

Are you interested in learning permaculture, but cannot afford $1,200 in tuition and $300 for books and tools? Are you prevented from attending a Permaculture Design Certificate course in a … Continue reading

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“Energy East 101″ & Neil Young’s Latest

Maude Barlow narrates a 4-minute animation from the Council of Canadians, explaining the dangers of TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline: Energy East 101 – YouTube. Energy East 101 | The Council … Continue reading

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Mushroom Cultivation & Application Course – Oakland, CA – Nov 14-16

This November, Radical Mycology co-founder Peter McCoy will be holding a 2.5 day intensive on the art, science, and application of mushroom cultivation at the urban resilience teaching center PLACE…

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Future Farmers Download

Small urban farmers who need to hire apprentices can get free advice from the experts at London’s Capital Growth and Growing Communities. Their 28-page guide includes sample job advertisements, a … Continue reading

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Disappearing Act

Juby Lee of Environment Hamilton asked us to spread the word about an important panel discussion regarding the dangers of neonicotinoid pesticides and their lethal effects on our bees and … Continue reading

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The Summer That Wasn’t: Ontario Weather Review August 2014

Environment Canada Ontario Weather Review (abridged) August 2014 The wait for a summer heat wave continued in August…however, that wait proved fruitless. Normal temperatures continued to prevail and only … Continue reading

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UPDATED: New Urban Agriculture By-law

The Hamilton Planning Committee approved the amended Urban Agriculture By-law today. Their discussion starts around the 30-minute mark of Joey Coleman’s video, below, and extends to 1 hour 45 minutes. … Continue reading

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John’s Antidepressant/Eczema Soap Recipe

Purpose: – To create enough high-quality soap for a family of 3 people for 1 year for ~$53 CDN (a savings of >$1,000 over our usual drugstore purchases) – To … Continue reading

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Smarty Plants: Uncovering the Secret World of Plant Behaviour

The Nature of Things compiled fabulous footage of plants’ social behaviour, from chemical warfare to families and friends sharing resources (45 minutes runtime). Includes plant sibling research from McMaster University … Continue reading

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PwC Disruption

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will host a one-day (sic) climate change summit meeting in New York on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. Central to the summit is a white paper released … Continue reading

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Friday Permie Movie: Island Green

The National Film Board is streaming Millefiore Clarkes’ 25-minute movie “Island Green” free for three days. Watch the trailer: ▶ Island Green (Trailer) – YouTube. Here is the NFB synopsis: … Continue reading

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